CoCo Almond Freezer Bites photo
CoCo Almond Freezer Bites
photo by recipe author

These are bite size treats that not only taste wonderful, but spread the consumption of VCO out throughout the day. I limit myself to about 5-8 per day.

Servings: 15
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Using a candy mold tray or ice cube tray, place 1-3 cocoa almonds in each compartment.

Melt coconut oil gently over low heat. Pour melted Gold Label VCO over the entire tray of cocoa almonds (sprinkle of cinnamon is optional).

Place mold/tray on cookie sheet and refrigerate or put in freezer until firm.

Gently break CoCo Almond Bites out of the tray and store in plastic baggie in freezer.

Recipe submitted by Lisa, Lino Lakes, MN

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