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Grain Free Cauliflower Fried Rice View Comments (1)
Kari H.
I have pre-shredded cauliflower rice in my freezer and would like to know the measurements for substitution, i.e. how many cups of "rice" did you get from 3 medium/large heads of cauliflower? Thanks!
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Coconut Butter Lemon Bars View Comments (1)
This is one of your best posts. Perhaps I think this, because I so much appreciate
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Low-Carb Strawberry Icebox Bars View Comments (1)
Ted Shatz
I'm allergic to Almonds....can I substitute Tapioca flour/starch instead?
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Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Tangy Vanilla Frosting View Comments (1)
Made this as a double layer cake and it was moist and delicious. Only change was stevia powder as sweetener
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Cassava and Almond Flour Biscuits and Gravy View Comments (1)
Ash Greymane
Tasted good but not anywhere near bread-like consistency. Came out more like cookies.
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Coconut Creamy Oatmeal View Comments (1)
How much water do we need to bring to boil? Am I missing the amount?
Admin - Orissa
cajunchick, The standard ratio of water to rolled oats is 2:1. Double the amount of water depending on the amount of oats called for. :)
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Carrot Coconut Raisin Salad View Comments (1)
Sounds very good. Will definitely try it. Linda.
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Coconut Flour Peach Cobbler View Comments (1)
Mary Ekroos
Can you please provide the calorie, carb and fat content per serving on your recipes?
Admin - Orissa
Hi Mary, thanks for your question. Since these recipes are user submitted, we do not provide the nutritional content information. There are online calculators that can provide per serving info.
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Fried Fish Steaks View Comments (1)
Shirley Dobbins
The comment for this oil is, it is best for deep frying. I noticed you sautéed the onions and green pepper in olive oil instead of the palm oil....wondering why you would not use it for all frying/sautéing.
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Avocado Chocolate Coconut Fudge View Comments (2)
Betty Squyres
I plan to use Xylitol/Stevia mix instead of cane sugar. Maple syrup should probably also work - or even Honey (just be careful when using honey & start with less than this or any other recipe calls for - may be too sweet & may end up tasting like Honey fudge). I used the exact amt when I used Honey in Ice Cream & it ended up tasting like Honey Ice Cream - not what I wanted.
Can honey or maple syrup be used instead of the cane sugar?
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Chicken in Zesty Lime-Cilantro Sauce View Comments (1)
Sylvia Wilson
This recipe sounds good. Raise metabolism, curry powder.
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Chili + Dark Chocolate Cookies View Comments (1)
Colleen russell
Do you make face cream. If not should I use the oil? Also Does the coconut cream go on sale. I am 78 and on fixed income so I like to buy on sale. Thank you Colleen Russell
Admin - Orissa
Colleen, Thank you for reaching out to us! Our coconut oil is packaged as dietary oil for food, however, many customers do use it as a skin or hair moisturizer.   Filipinos are well-known for their youthful appearance and soft skin, even though they live in a climate that exposes them to the sun’s rays year round. Coconut oil is their main dietary oil, and is also the main ingredient in their skin care products.   You may like to view our skin care products made with Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil here:   Our skin care line was developed because we wanted to offer something with no chemical additives, something that would be good for your skin!   Tropical Traditions skin care line is full of great products that do not contain parabens or artificial chemicals. Our special emulsifying wax that combines the water and oils together is a proprietary blend and is not soy based. The palm stearic is a natural component of our Palm Oil. We feel that all of our skin care products are good for the skin and are compatible with the philosophy of our company, 'The closer to natural the better'.   We especially recommend our moisturizing creams and lotions for facial use, or you may simply use our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil as the Filipinos traditionally do. Please visit this link for more information on our complete line of skin care products:     Yes, our Coconut Cream Concentrate goes on sale regularly, as well as our Coconut Oils, and Moisturizing Lotions and Creams! We do not know our sales in advance, but you can check out our current sales here: or Subscribe here:
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Gluten Free Coconut Flour Brownies View Comments (1)
Can I make this without the flax seeds? I need recipes that are grain free, nut and seed free. Thanks.
Ralph Meeker
I'll bet the Flax Seeds(Meal) are used in the recipe as a surrogate for a large egg. I think you'd do just as well by sustituting Chia seeds for Flax seeds.
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Creamed Summer Squash View Comments (1)
Carol wilson
It would be SO nice if you would give us a way to print these delicious recipes!
Admin - Orissa
Hi Carol, Thank you for your suggestion. That may become an option in the future. Right now the recipe can be copied from the website into something like Microsoft Word and printed from there. :)
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Ginger Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie View Comments (1)
The coconut creme is great. I like this much better than any other coconut milk product that I have bought in the store.
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Thyme for Mushroom Stew View Comments (1)
Can I substitute almond milk for the coconut milk? And will adding different mushrooms (Portobella, etc.) affect the end result?
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Strawberry Fat Bombs View Comments (1)
Dave Seibert (@littlesigh)
Here in Iraq they have Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese in big trays at the chow hall, so I get a scoop of each and mix to make a simple Peanut Butter Cheese cake...better than nothing! and better if partially frozen!
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Coconut Milk Sweet Potato Breakfast Custard View Comments (1)
Made this as part of our Shabbat meal and it was a hit (especially among our children)! Thanks for sharing! Shalom!
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Coconut Meringue Cream Pie View Comments (2)
Shelia Chapman
Your coconut oil pie crust link does not work.
Admin - Orissa
Shelia, thank you for letting us know that the link was down! The coconut oil pie crust link is live now. :)
Shelia Chapman
Would it be possible to substitute the sugar with honey or stevia, and if so, how would I need to alter the recipe?
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Grasshopper Bars View Comments (1)
When my husband and I started eating more healthy, we had to say good-bye to the best mint brownies you've ever had. These bars made me feel like I was eating them again! So easy. The only thing I would add is a tablespoon or two more of honey to each layer. They just weren't quite sweet enough for me.
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Chewy Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies View Comments (1)
Could you possibly use guar gum instead of the xantham gum?
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Coconut Collagen Balls View Comments (1)
Jimmy Eaton
how many carbs are in this and how much sugar?
Admin - Orissa
Jimmy, Thank you for your question. Since these recipes are user submitted and free to everyone, it would be extremely time consuming and difficult to draw up an accurate nutritional info chart for each and every one. There are many sites online that have nutritional info calculators you could use to try to get an approximate reading on. Hope that is helpful!
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Almond Butter Cups View Comments (1)
DK Kasper
Do we have to use flax seed meal? Is there anything else we can use?
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Sprouted Flax and Raisin Cookies View Comments (2)
Ted Shatz
Why does the recipe call for the flax seeds to be sprouted? I am allergic to flax seeds. Does the sprouting change that condition, allowing me to consume flax seeds once sprouted? Instead of using flax seeds in the recipe could I substitute psyllium?
What is sprouted about this recipe?
Admin - Orissa
The flax seeds themselves are meant to be sprouted before using.
Admin - Orissa
The flax seeds themselves are intended to be sprouted before using.
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Basil Mushroom Grass-fed Ground Beef Meatballs View Comments (4)
Personally, putting it in the oven isn't necessary. Seemed to cook through just fine on the stove. Really delicious and simple recipe.
Sally D.
Where's the mushroom?
Admin - Orissa
Sally, the recipe has been updated: 3/4 cup mushrooms, finely chopped.
Which mushroom and how many? I didn't see any mushroom mentioned. Sounds good and I would try if you could reprint it with the mushroom information. Do you mean the meat is shaped like a mushroom?
Admin - Orissa
Trisha, any kind of mushroom will work, depends on personal preference. The ingredient was missing originally when it was typed up. It is updated now. Use 3/4 cup mushrooms, finely chopped.
Where are the mushrooms?
Admin - Orissa
Josie, the recipe has been updated: use 3/4 cup mushrooms, finely chopped.
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