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Coconut Carrot Salad Recipe
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This is a tropical twist on the standby carrot salad. It can be done by hand, but a food processor makes it very quick; you’ll need the S blade and the shredder attachment. You can add honey for extra sweetness, but unless the carrots are unusually bitter, the fruit should suffice. Adding a slice of pineapple with the orange wouldn’t be amiss, either….

Servings: 6
Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

1. If a “creamier” salad is desired, put the coconut cream concentrate into the processor first-thing.

2. Add and pulse the peeled orange to a large dice using the S blade.

3. Add the apple and pulse to a medium dice. (Adding the apple to the orange, instead of the other way around, keeps the former from browning.)

4. Carefully remove the S blade, using a spatula to clean it into the processor bowl. Without removing the fruit, swap in the shredder attachment. Shred the carrots on top of the fruit.

5. Transfer the processed ingredients into the serving or storage bowl, and add the coconutm spices and raisins. Use the spatula to mix evenly.

This salad is best left to sit for a while before serving. You could double the recipe and still do it in a single batch, but don’t store it more than a few days; the apples will brown. Not that it’s likely to last that long!

Recipe submitted by Ben, Winchester, VA

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