Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Remove pin bones and place fillet skin down in glass baking dish. The skin will stick to the bottom of the pan and come right off of the fillet once salmon is cooked, making it easy to separate from the meat.

Soften (if needed) but don’t melt coconut oil, and spread over salmon with a butter knife, use more if necessary to completely coat. The oil will set up as it is being spread so do this quickly.

Sprinkle fillet with listed seasonings to taste. Top it off with the parmesan cheese and bake uncovered for 20-30 minutes, depending on size of fillet. Fish is done when you can separate the flakes with a fork and they appear solid. Do not overcook. After 20 min has passed, if fish is still not done, check every few minutes. Remove and serve immediately. Delicious with organic Heirloom Kalijira long grain brown rice.

If you have leftover fish (which you most likely will not because it is so delicious) make into salmon patties by mixing fish with a little cooked rice or bread crumbs, an egg and a little milk and a little chopped onions. Mixture should hold shape when pressed into patties, but handle it delicately. Fry in liberal amount of coconut oil on medium heat until medium brown and crisp around edges, flipping once. As oil is absorbed continue adding coconut oil to pan to keep edges bubbling. A perfect snack or meal. 🙂

Note: The spice amounts vary depending on the size of the fillet, but use salt, dill and onion powder (or minced onion) liberally.

Recipe submitted by Tammy, Blaine, WA

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