Iced Coconut Pumpkin Latté Recipe Photo

Iced Coconut Pumpkin Latté (photo by recipe author)

Servings: 5
Preparation Time: 20 minutes

For the whipped cream:

Whisk all ingredients except the pumpkin, coconut cream concentrate and coffee together in a large bowl until thoroughly mixed. Add the pumpkin puree and coconut cream concentrate, blend until smooth with a stick blender (or in your regular blender). Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until firm or overnight.

Once your pumpkin cubes have frozen, place 10-12 cubes in a blender and pour 1 cup of chilled coffee over the cubes. Blend just until all the big chunks are gone. The length of time you blend will determine the consistency of your drink.

Pour into a cup and top with some delicious homemade coconut whipped cream (directions below), and some cinnamon and flaked coconut for a garnish!

For the whipped cream:

Pour the cream into a glass bowl and whip with a hand mixer until the cream begins to thicken. Add the maple syrup and then whip until stiff peaks form. Add the vanilla extract and the shredded coconut and mix until just combined.

*For the freshest coconut milk make homemade coconut milk. (See video at this link.)

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